Stockpile Stocks Easy, Cheap and on Your Budget!

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Stockpile Homepage

Stockpile has created what I believe to be the easiest way to Stockpile Stocks Easy, Cheap and on Your Budget for yourself and for gifts!

So you want to get in the stock market and secure your financial future but all the great stocks like Amazon, Alphabet (formerly Google),  Tesla, Space X, facebook and Apple are Way Too Expensive?

You would like to teach your kids about investing using the stocks of high profile companies they are interested in but a share of stock is over several hundred dollars and out of reach for an investment lesson?

Not anymore! There is now a way for you to invest within your budget no matter how small and a simple way for you to purchase stocks for your children, Grandchildren, nieces and nephews. It’s called Stockpile. And you can literally invest any amount you want by purchasing fractions of stocks. So, if you want to put $25 into a share of Amazon, you can. If you want to break down that $25 into several stocks, you can! You figure out what you would like to buy and then go for it.

How much does it cost? Would you believe only .99 per trade? Yes only .99 to buy or sell your stock. No monthly fees and no account minimums. Stockpile is by far the most convenient and most affordable way to purchase stocks through self directed investing that I have come across.

The sign up process is easy and takes only a couple of minutes and you do not have to have an account to buy a stock gift card for a gift. If you plan to trade stocks on the Stockpile platform you will need to link a bank account for easy purchase and receipt of funds after you sell shares when you decide to do so.

Imagine getting the children in your life interested in trading stocks at a young age. Maybe some of them will turn out to be the next Warren Buffett.

Let’s look a little further into how buying fractional shares of a stock work. I am writing this on April 19th 2016. as of the close of the stock market a share of Amazon stock closed at $627.90. Now, if you had $50 to invest earlier today and you want to buy part of an Amazon  share. After you set up your account on Stockpile and have funded your account with at least $51.00 you can then choose to buy $50 worth of Amazon and the trade will cost you .99. Your stock price will be the price at the close of the day when you place your order so, your price in this example would have been $627.90. With your $50 investment would yield you 7.9% of one share of Amazon stock. It may not make you a stock tycoon just yet, but you are now on your way.

If you combine these small purchases with the investment strategy known as dollar cost averaging, over time you could have several shares of stock in high profile hot companies. Dollar cost averaging is simply investing the same amount of money in a market over a period of time on a steady basis. An example would be investing $25 per month in Apple over the course of several years. The reason for Dollar Cost Averaging is two fold. One, it is investing with your monthly budget in this example and two, it will even out the risks from stock highs and lows as you invest. Some months you may get a smaller fraction of a share and other months you may get more with your $25 investment. It all depends on the price of the stock when your order is completed.

I would love to hear your thoughts on how you think Stockpile will do in the e-commerce marketplace of trading platforms. Do you think Stockpile will allow for you to Stockpile Stocks Easy, and on Your Budget? Please leave a comment below.

Thanks for visiting,

Disabled Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

A disabled business owners in a wheel chair holds potted flowers at his nursery.

Disabled Business Owners

I want to meet disabled business owners & Entrepreneurs?

I am looking to meet with Disabled Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.  I want you to be the example for other disabled individuals.

If you are a disabled individual who is a business owner or entrepreneur, please get in contact with me either through commenting on this post, my facebook page or my twitter account.  I may want to speak with you and interview you about your business and the struggles and challenges you have faced as a business owner with a disability. If we connect, I will gladly give you a mention or promote your business through this blog and other social media to show my appreciation.

I have been given the exciting opportunity of presenting to a group of people within the disability community this June in Orlando Florida. My presentation will focus on finding out if owning a business is a good alternative to other types of employment or disability for people with disabilities. Even though, most information will apply to anyone who has an interest in business ownership, I am trying to concentrate on business ownership by individuals who are disabled.

The main focus of this presentation will be the ability for an individual to identify if they are a good candidate to start their own business. They will also see there are different levels of businesses they can be involved in.

I would like to bring to the audiences attention the various levels of business that individuals with disabilities could get involved in depending on their level of interest, experience and experience. Individuals will realize they can get involved in business with little to no cost with reputable work at home companies all the way up to running multi-million dollar enterprises. With the technological advances we have seen in the past two decades, the possibilities are limitless.

Small Business Ownership is the Future:

With the growth of the shared economy and companies such as Uber and AirBnb, it is now easier than ever to take an automobile or a spare bedroom and start producing income on your own. The entrepreneurial spirit is growing every day again in this country and around the world. This is a great thing, especially for those individuals with disabilities.

Behind every successful business is a problem that is being solved for it’s customers. Especially today with internet and niche marketing this is more important than ever. People will Google their problems looking for solutions and the more specific the answer you have for their inquiry, the closer you are to a sale. This is how businesses today find success.

The above criteria for business success is what makes it a fertile environment for those with disabilities to start a business and succeed rather than looking to jobs as income options.

As far as solving problems, what better than for people with disabilities to find solutions for their every day challenges and share that discovery with the world through products and services that can make their customer’s life better.  This is the pure essence of being an entrepreneur.

Going forward with future posts on this blog, I will be using it to highlight some points that will lay out why I conclude that owning a business could be a a better fit for individuals with disabilities than a traditional job.

Again, I am looking to meet Disabled Business Owners and Entrepreneurs. Lets get to know each other and network, together we can help each other succeed.

Have a great day,


Renaissance Festival, the best in the land?

2016 Bay Area Renaissance Festival flyer featuring a knight and event information.

2016 Bay Area Renaissance Festival flyer


Or so I have heard. I am extremely excited to go to the 2016 Bay Area Renaissance Festival (Website) this weekend at MOSI in Tampa. I have heard many good things from past attendees and I have watched them prepare for it since the beginning of the year. I pass by this site many times during the week, I have watched props being readied and tents being put up. There is a lot of work and preparation that goes into this and it looks to be huge.

Looking at the Bay Area Renaissance Festival (Website), it has a long history of 38 years and many options for entertainment.

I will mainly be looking forward to seeing the artisans and browsing the jewelry that is for sale. I really admire the past styles of jewelry and  the look of antique jewelry. It will be interesting to see what is there.

I will be taking pics and possibly videos as I explore the Renaissance festival. I will be sure to post after I return.

After my first visit to a Renaissance Festival,
I am very impressed. The attendees are there to play their part as well as the vendors, craftspeople and entertainers. I don’t think it is the place to showcase merchandise from my company Flynn Jewelry but I did enjoy browsing the vendor sections which features a lot of affordable jewelry. I did notice a common theme among the jewelers offering Peruvian stone and silver jewelry (I have included and example photo below). This was something I sold on the west coast about 10 years ago. I had customers who loved it and I am glad to see it is appreciated by the Renaissance crowd. This jewelry goes well with many of the costumes and dresses.


Picture of a handmade peruvian stone and silver necklace.

Handmade Peruvian stone and silver necklace.

Read the rest of Renaissance Festival, the best in the land?

Valentines Day 2016 is fast approaching!

Line of red hearts on a Valentines Day themed background

Valentines Day 2016 is Sunday February 14th, 2016. Are you ready? Did you find that special gift for your love? If not take a look at our downloadable Valentines Day 2016 Catalog by visiting my Flynn Jewelry website.

You will find ideas for Males and Females. There are some really great ideas to make this Valentines Day a day to remember for the rest of her life.

If you still need more help on deciding what to get him or her, I would be more than glad to discuss this with you. I am always available for consultations and custom jewelry advice and help.

Some of the hotter items for Valentines Day 2016 are:
Diamond Studs
Engagement Rings
Arrow shaped Jewelry
Infinity symbol shaped jewelry
and of course the always popular variety of heart shaped jewelry.

Visit for more information or contact me directly if I can be of assistance.

Keith D. Flynn

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5 Steps to be a Key Person of Influence in your industry

Group of 6 blue figures being taught by one red individual standing in front of a white board and instructing.

Become influential in your industry.

5 Steps to become a Key Person of Interest in your Industry:
Dominate your market and become the go to person for your industry.

If you only had to take 5 steps to become a key person of influence in your industry would it be worth it?
If you would be willing to take those five steps, you may have just clicked on a post that can truly change your life.

Think of a key person of influence in your industry, the person you thought of is probably someone who has written a book, appears on television shows discussing news and trends in the industry, has products that are well known within the industry and has partnerships that reach across industries with other key people.

Take the free Key Person of Interest KPI Scorecard to see how influential you are in your industry.

What would it mean to your business, your family, your community and your church to be a key person of influence. would your business thrive more, would your family be happier, how would you help your community and what would it mean to your church to have a key person of influence in your industry as a member.

I believe this is something that everyone truly desires, being a key person of influence in their industry so they may accomplish their lifelong goals and dreams.

What if I told you that there is a way, that the path to being a key person of influence in your industry can be laid out in front of you? Would you be willing to do what it takes to go down that path?

Since the title of this blog is the 5 steps to becoming a Key Person of Influence, I will list them below, then I will show you how to determine where you are on being a key person of influence in your industry.

1. Pitch

2. Publish

3. Prodct

4. Profile

5. Partnership

Since I am fairly new to this process, I will not elaborate on the steps as I do not want to give a false sense of the valuable information included however, I will describe my experience with Key Person of Influence so far below.

And just so you can see the caliber of people involved in the KPI Tampa programs:

Kevin Harrington (yes, that Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank)
Cory Bergeron of HSN and QVC Fame
David Hancock Founder of Morgan James Publishing
Chris Jenkins Social Media expert
Rhea Law Business Law & Partnerships

During my business career, I have always been trying to find this path. Recently, I had been reaching out to any one of influence that I came across. I join groups on LinkedIn and on Facebook, I have read scores of books, watched the periscopes and connected with influential people. I tried to facilitate mastermind groups. And I asked questions of anyone that I met who is in business about their path to success.

Then one day I received a message on LinkedIn. It was from a gentleman named Topfer Morrison. Topfer runs a business called Key Person of Influence in Tampa, FL. This message invited me to an event that would be put on for local business owners. Being a student of sales and marketing, I had to see what this was about and, I figured I could meet other local business people since I am new to Tampa. I was unable to make this event due to unforeseen circumstances but I did attend a pitch workshop that Topfer put on the following week. this pitch workshop was surprisingly helpful. I was also able to network with local professionals and past clients of key person of influence.

Take the free Key Person of Interest KPI Scorecard to see how influential you are in your industry.

The next month I was able to attend one of the meetings Topfer puts on for business owners. There, I was able to learn about other businesses in the area and make some very useful connections with other local business owners. Topher also explained why we were invited and talked a little about the program. In dealing with Key Person of Influence and Topher Morrison, everything has been very professional and up front, I have not been pressured to buy or felt they were hiding anything at any point in the process, I am very skeptical when it comes to programs like this, so that is a big positive for me. So far the value has far outweighed any cost or time investment.

Key Person of Influence works with companies who are in a specific area of growth and are primed for success. These companies are successful but yet have not blown up. This is where Key Person of Influence comes in. The business owner starts this process by taking this person of influence KPI Scorecard evaluation. Every business owner is encouraged to take the KPI Scorecard no matter what stage your business is in. What happens when you take the KPI Scorecard evaluation is you will be given a report approximately 30 pages and a summary about how you rank as a key person of influence in your industry. This may also qualify you to partake in a two-hour free discovery session with Key Person of Influence.

I was invited to take the two-hour evaluation with KPI staff Renan DeBarros and Jodi McLean. I had mine on Friday, October 9, 2015, this valuation made me really think and focus concerning the future of my business and looking ahead three years. The ideas that surfaced at this meeting were impressive. This meeting also helps lay out the Path to become a key person of influence in your industry. Key Person of Influence will also show you several options for programs they offer which looked amazing, and will put you on the fast track to being a key person of influence in your industry.

These programs are named The KPI Growth Accelerator.

In full disclosure, I was very impressed with this program they laid before me. However; my business is not at the stage to enter The KPI Growth Accelerator at this time. I am working towards getting it there. Until my business reaches that stage, I have decided to join Key Person of Influence as an affiliate marketer. I rarely get so motivated about an opportunity that I want to promote it. I am still not done with my due diligence stage of looking into KPI however; I am thoroughly impressed with what I’ve seen so far and encourage you as a business owner to take the free KPI Scorecard and look into this program. I am convinced at the time I am ready and Key Person of Influence feels I am ready to enter The KPI Growth Accelerator, I will do it with no reservations.

Key Person of Influence also lays out its program in a book. I would suggest starting there, you can get a copy of this book on Amazon by clicking here. Even though it appears this is still the British version my version is the American English version and I believe that is what you will be shipped if you order from this link below.

Thanks for reading this post and if you have any questions about the 5 Steps to be a Key Person of Influence in your Industry,  feel free to contact me Keith Flynn at – Keith



Dog Lovers Jewelry

Dog lovers, look at this dog paw pendant. Available in white gold, yellow gold or rose gold. A matching gold necklace is included. Made at time of order, this will be the perfect Christmas gift for that dog lover in your life. For more dog lovers jewelry, contact me, there are several other options available. And of course I have something for the cat lovers too. 🙂


The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone

Are you asking what is 10X and why should I care? I was, I saw this 10X thing everywhere, I said oh great, another sales and business buzzword, the new “paradigm shift” for this decade.

I was skeptical until I met Grant Cardone via You Tube.
I was searching for sales training videos online and I kept coming to the same person, Grant Cardone. Each one of his You Tube videos would teach me something an had value. I liked his style and then I found out he had a lot of videos on real estate. I was looking at properties at the time and his advice in these you tube was valuable.

After watching a few of Grant’s videos a week I decided to download The 10X Rule on Audible and give it a try. I rarely say this about any book or any author but Grant Cardone and The 10X Rule changed my life! And, I was soon to find out he is changing lives for the better every day.

So what the heck is The 10X Rule exacltly? Well, in Grants words in the introduction of the book, it is  the formula to increase and reach your current goals by 10 times. That’s right, if your goal is to make one million dollars before retirement, you are going to want to make 10 million dollars before retirement and understand how you can do it after reading The 10X Rule. I would also be willing to be that after you read the book, retirement will not even be on your mind you will be so pumped about reaching your goals.

10 X is about massive action, it requires setting the right target, estimating the mandatory amount of effort needed  and operating at the right level of actions are the only things that will lead to your success. 10X will teach you how to operate at new and higher levels than you ever thought were possible.

Simply according to Grant The 10X Rule is the one thing that will guarantee you will get what you want in amounts greater than you ever thought was possible.

The challenge:
I am re-reading The 10X Rule, I need a refresher and I need to take better notes.  Grab your copy and follow along with me. I want you to comment with your thoughts on The 10X Rule in the comments. I will respond and we can discuss the book and help each other achieve the 10X Rule in every aspect of our life. I am listening to the audio book on Audible, not sure if the paper book chapters are different.

Chapter One: Who Grant and what The 10X Rule is.
Chapter Two: Why your goals will take 10 times more effort and cost 10X than you plan for.
Chapter Three: What is Success

Chapter Four: Success is Your Duty 9/28/15 Update

Success is my ethical duty, obligation and responsibility.
When success is approached this way, life, actions and results start to shift.
There is no such thing as an overnight success. Success always comes as a result of earlier actions. One cannot wake up today and be successful, the groundwork needs to be laid months and mostly tears beforehand.
Success requires massive actions and proper actions to achieve the goals of success.
Successful people are not lucky, successful people create their own luck. Successful people appear to be successful because they are prepared to take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

My favorite part of this chapter is when Grant states that success comes as a result as your mental and spiritual preparedness. This is representative of what we have all heard “your attitude decides your altitude”, no matter how corny that saying is, it is true.

Chapter Five: There is No Shortage of Success 9/29/2015 Update

The premise of this chapter is to show you that there is no shortage of success, just because someone else has great success does not limit the success of someone else. Success is not a resource, it is not like diamonds, gold or platinum which are finite.
There will never be a lack or shortage of success because each person can create their own success.

Grant uses the media as an example in his book and how they try to use scare tactics by perpetuating the ideas that there are shortages on certain things, scarcity and limited resources.  He also points our how politicians use this tactic as well in their campaigns. Politicians and media use the story line “if you have something, I can’t have it”. This is how politicians work to divide us (and it seems to have worked). Both of these entities seem to do their best to highlight that the citizens cannot take care of themselves because of the shortages and scarcity of resources and they can do a better job providing it for you. Making you feel your chances of getting “your share” is more remote.

This also can be seen in political and religious discussions with others. Think about any recent political or religious discussions you have had recently. Grant theorizes that these discussions lead to arguments and disagreements because they suggest shortages at the core of the conversation. This carries the theme that if one group wins, the other must lose.

In success and business there are no limits, to be successful you must think limitless. Just because there is someone in the marketplace who is successful, this does not limit your ability to be successful. If this were the case Apple would have never risen in the shadows of Microsoft.

As I find more reasons to listen to this chapter each time I listen to it, I want to stop here, I have covered the premise and I don’t think Grant Cardone wants me writing a mini book. My intention with this post is to encourage you to get the book and show you the basic premise behind The 10X Rule. I also want to share with you some things I have gotten form this book. I know a lot of people who are in the mentality of scarcity and limits when it comes to success. It is very difficult to see. I am no where near where I want to be in life however, a change in mindset will help. I changed my mindset about this years ago, if you have a business and have a limited mindset you will never achieve what you want to achieve. There are several people in my life who have noticed a change since I have read this book, they have approached me with questions about how I am so driven and how they can maybe start a business. I have told each of them I will gladly try and show them the way however, it will take a change in their life, mainly in their thinking.

Chapter Six: Assume Control of Everything (Don’t Be a Little Bitch) Grant’s definition of a Bitch is someone who complains, whines and makes excuses instead of taking the actions necessary to accomplish what they need to get done. Update 9/30/2015:

This might be my favorite chapter in the book, Grant and I see eye to eye on a major problem with people who are seeking success but are just spinning their wheels. They do not take responsibility not only for their actions but for what they perceive happens to them. Grant suggest that in order to be successful, take responsibility for everything in your life, even the things that you think you don’t control like the electricity going out or a fender bender where someone hits you from behind. These situations could be avoided by a generator and leaving earlier, later or closing deals earlier.

For me the most powerful line in this chapter is, “if you are the problem, then you are the solution.” This simply means that if you take responsibility for everything, you can fix everything in your life to make your own success.

Luckily my mother and father taught my brother, sister and I a large sense of responsibility and how to look towards the future with the decisions we made. Unfortunately, I played the woe is me victim for the early stages of my adult life. I made excuses and blamed other events and situations for my less than desirable situations and positions in life. Until I really tried to understand cause and effect, and realize that the current me is a product of the actions I have taken the previous years. I then started taking actions to improve my situation, accept responsibility and started taking actions to become the person I respected and wanted to be. It has been a long journey and there is room for improvement every day.

If you find yourself blaming others, finding that a “situation or circumstance” has you “stuck” in a certain place in life well, to quote Grant, “don’t be a little bitch”.

Take responsibility right now, take an action immediately to start correcting the situation. Read The 10X Rule, need help, email me and I will get you in contact with people or resources who can help guide you. Once you realize that you are ultimately responsible for you and your family, and no outside influences like the government or charity will really get you out of your situation, your life will change dramatically.

Chapter Seven: Four Degrees of Action (There are no Shortcuts)
There are four degrees of action in which everyone can decide to take, these four actions are as follows:
1. Take no action
2. retreat
3. Take normal amounts of action
4. Take massive action
To be at 10X levels you must take massive amounts of action!

Chapter Eight: Average is a Failing Formula

Chapter Nine: 10X Goals

Chapter Ten: Competition is for Sissys

Chapter Eleven: Breaking out of the Middle Class

Chapter Twelve: Obsession Isn’t a Disease, it’s a Gift

Chapter Thirteen:Go All in and Over-commit

Chapter Fourteen: Expand, Never Contract

Chapter Fifteen: Burn the Place Down

Chapter Sixteen: Fear is the Great Indicator

Chapter Seventeen: The Myth of Time Management

Chapter Eighteen: Criticism is a Sign of Success

Chapter Nineteen: Customer Satisfaction is the Wrong Target

Chapter Twenty: Omnipresence

Chapter Twenty One: Excuses

Chapter Twenty Two: Successful or Unsuccessful

Chapter Twenty Three: Getting Started With 10X

New website functions for Flynn Jewelry

This post is a test to embed products from my jewelry website to see if it works.
Feel free to click on the products buy now button to see how this works out.
This works on wordpress websites  and squarespace websites. If only they could think of a way to make it available for facebook, twitter and instagram.

Keith D. Flynn


So you want to get engaged. Now What?

Twho hands silloueted in a heart with a sunset in the middle.

Congratulations,  you have found the love of your life! After this, the natural progression is to be seriously considering getting engaged.

Since you are considering asking the love of your life for their hand in marriage, there are some things you need to consider before you start looking for a ring.

Do you want this engagement to be a surprise? If you want the engagement to be a total surprise, you may have quite a task in front of you. You will need to gather resources, her best friends, her social media accounts, other tools, and of course your detective gear.  I will be writing a blog on this in the next several days covering this in more detail, stay tuned.

Will you propose in a special place or on a trip? This is something you can consider, did you and your future fiance meet at a special place? Was there a trip that you took together which created extraordinary memories? Would you like to re-create that and make it even more memorable by asking for her hand in marriage with the perfect engagement ring?

Is there any family jewelry your future fiancée may want to work into the wedding jewelry? Many women have heirloom pieces of jewelry, family diamonds or stones that have been passed down and they may want to work part of them into their wedding pieces. A recent client wanted a halo engagement ring in which his future fiancée’s engagement ring would feature as the center stone the diamond form her grandmother’s wedding ring. I got him the ring with the accent diamonds set and then we had the family diamond set in the center.

What is her preferred metal? Does your future wife prefer gold or platinum jewelry? Does she prefer yellow, white or rose gold? Usually this will be mentioned in conversation throughout your relationship. Pay attention, there is no reason male selective hearing should have kicked in before marriage.

Do you need to ask a family member for their blessing? Here in the south, it is not unheard of to ask your girlfriend’s father, mother, or grandparent for their blessing to ask for her hand in marriage. Not upsetting the future in-laws would be a great way to start with the new engagement.

Now, that you have considered all of her preferences, you need to consider the following:

What kind of investment are you willing to make for the engagement ring? After all, this is a lifetime investment. An engagement ring is not just another gift. It is a symbol of your love that she and the world will see on a daily basis. Working with the right jeweler will maximize the value in your investment. My company Flynn Jewelry has a model that not only provides maximum value for your investment but, also saves you time in the shopping process by working within your available schedule.

What kind of knowledge do you have about jewelry to pick out her perfect ring? Have you studied her style to see what kind of rings, necklaces and earrings she wears? Has she mentioned what kind of engagement ring she may  like? Have you checked her social media accounts for clues? Does she have a Pinterest board of engagement rings?

Is there anyone you trust to help you with the jewelry buying process? Here is the point in the engagement ring investment process where you need to have someone you trust guiding you through the process. Unless you have had some experience buying diamonds or fine jewelry, you should acquire some help. I will be writing a blog on best practices to finding great advice and help through the process of investing in an engagement ring.

What other things should you consider between engagement and wedding? After the engagement, there will be many celebrations and engagement parties from friends and family. This is a very happy time in you and your fiancees life. Chances are your fiancée will take care of the many of the wedding decisions (with your contributions of course) however; you still have some responsibility too. Give some time to think about the wedding bands that you will exchange on your wedding day. Talk with your fiancée and see what she prefers for her wedding band then, get with your jeweler and make sure you order in time for the wedding. You also may want to consider the services of a wedding or event planner. Talk with several and see what they can do for you. This will allow you to better focus on family and the joy of your big day rather than be stressed our about the catering.

Congratulations, this is a huge moment in your life, you do not need to go through the engagement and wedding band process alone. It does not have to be stressful or overwhelming. As long as you find someone who can help you through the process that you trust.

If you need any jewelry advice or need help with engagement ring or wedding band shopping feel free to contact me @keithdflynn on twitter or give me a call at 850-889-0925. Visit my site at I am located in Tampa Florida and work with clients world wide.

Shipt Grocery Delivery, Tampa update

Just  a quick update to my previous post on the new Shipt grocery delivery service in Tampa. Shipt delivers groceries from Publix grocery stores in the Tampa Bay area.
I placed my second order today around 5pm, I scheduled my delivery between 8 and 9pm.
It arrived on time right before 9 pm and with all items I ordered included with the exception of one Item which the shopper texted me about Publix not having in stock. I told her not to worry about it.

Great job Shipt! Your improvements in service form your first swamped week has been noticed. Looking forward to many more deliveries from you.